Finding Music in Nature

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

Mary Edwards will conduct Finding Music in Nature, a workshop exploring music and environment, with students from The William T. Davis School, Staten Island.

She will discuss the field of Acoustic Ecology, the practice of Deep Listening and how music can be found in nature. Referencing the environment as orchestra, she will discuss her recent compositions.


Mary Edwards in Concert at The Rockwood Music Hall

Sun, Nov 9, 2014

Mary Edwards (Piano, Vocals), With Paul Bertolino and Crystal Durant (backing vocals).

Brought to you by The Rockwood Afternoon Spotlight Series.



Mary Edwards Performs in Jomama Jones: Night Flowers at JACK/Brooklyn

Thu, Oct 30 through Sat, Nov 1, 2014

Alpert Award-winning playwright Daniel Alexander Jones as the expat diva Jomama Jones, with Dr. Bobby Halvorson, Helga Davis, Jacques Gerard Colimon, Rhonda Ross, Mary Edwards, Will Davis and Dr. E. Patrick Johnson.



Mary Edwards Joins 40-Piece Percussion Ensemble to Perform Pulitzer Prize Winning Composer
John Luther Adams' Inuksuit

Sat, Oct 3, 2014

Andy Bliss of the acclaimed nief-norf ensemble directs Pulitzer Prize Winning composer John Luther Adams’s Inuksuit — for 40 percussionists. The outdoor work will be spread across the UNC Asheville Quad and surrounding Asheville woodland campus.


Mary Edwards in Concert at The Rockwood Music Hall

Sun, Sep 14, 2014

With trio: Mary Edwards (Piano, Vocals), Jason DiMatteo (Bass), Ethan Eubanks (Drums) and guest vocals by Crystal Durant and Paul Bertolino.

Brought to you by The Rockwood Afternoon Spotlight Series.



Everyday Until Tomorrow

Dec 2014

Mary Edwards' fourth studio recording and follow-up to Eastern/Central & Mountain/Pacific set to release Fall 2014



No Man Must Speak But in Whispers
Soundscape Inspired by Moby Dick from the Perspective of The Whale

Apr 29 through May 28, 2014
Opening Reception: May 29, 2014

On exhibit at
The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery


The Women at the Well: Palimpsest

April 3 through 5, 2014 at The Belknap Mill, Laconia, NH
Jun 17, 2014 at The Little Church Theater, Holderness, NH

Director Sharon Rae Paquette's adaptation of Grace Bauer's book of poetry The Women at the Well, with original score, "Palimpsest" by Mary Edwards.
Set design by Liz Buckley.



No Man Must Speak But in Whispers

Jan 24 through Apr 27, 2014
Opening Reception Fri, Jan 31, 2014

On exhibit at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum


Conversation at 2 West 13 Street

Jan 2014

Conversation at 2 West 13th Street is an extension of a sound showcase hosted by the research group Sound@Newschool. As one of the participants invited to engage sonically with a specific image from the building, Mary Edwards created a response to a cantilevered room. It will be installed as a component of the exhibition at the Sheila Johnson Design Center opening in January 2014.


The Sweet Curve, Epilogue for a Quinn Martin Production, and per/severance to be Installed for Penumbra Exhibition at Gallery 114

Jan 2 —Feb 5, 2014

The Sweet Curve—part of a sound trilogy where each composition reflects the conflict of desire and uncertainty that seems to simultaneously haunt intimate (if sometimes interim) spaces, each drawing on the relationship we have with temporality, where the anticipation of travel or movement often overshadows the destinantion — signifies the essence and impermanence of nature and architecture, evoking both absence and presence through sound. Mary Edwards practices what Juhani Pallasmaa calls "Sensuous Minimalism," where a certain neutrality, restraint and silence are an inherent quality of the discipline: "The significance of architecture is not in its material form, but in its capacity to reveal deeper layers of existence." The Sweet Curve—in addition to her sound compositions, per/severance and Epilogue for a Quinn Martin Production —will be installed as part of the Penumbra exhibition at Gallery 114 in Portland, Oregon, 2 January through 1 February 2014.


Sound Installation Brings Quequechan River Indoors

The Fall River Herald News, Oct 2013

The sounds of the Quequechan River can be heard in an unexpected location this month: the Grimshaw Gudewicz Art Gallery at Bristol Community College. The gallery’s first sound installation, “per/serverance,” by sound artist and composer Mary Edwards, brings the river into the gallery through an interpretive “soundscape” that melds the sounds of the river with other bodies of water, nature sounds, and melodic instrumentation.

“This is the first time that sound has been so prevalent in an installation,” said gallery director Kathleen Hancock. “The notion of an exhibition of sound was so immersive, most people who come in lay down or sit down to listen to it.”...



BCC Exhibition is Both Evocative, Soothing

The Bedford Standard-Times, 5 October 2013

History gets lost, unless it's remembered. Or buried, unless it's unearthed. The work of two very different artists, overlapping thematically so as to examine the past and our relationship with it, come together to form one installation that is currently on view at the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery on the Bristol Community College campus in Fall River. Titled "this bright morning," by fabric artist Charlotte Hamlin, and "per/severance," by composer Mary Edwards, the installations link visitors through textures of the ear and eye to what has gone before us...



per/severance and this bright morning at The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery

Sep 5 — Oct 17, 2014

The 2013-14 Season at Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery in Fall River , MA will open with an exhibition featuring the debut of new works by Mary Edwards and Charlotte Hamlin. Edwards' per/severance, a 14-minute, two-channel ambient sound installation about the Quequechan River, is evocative of many things, the memories that the water still carries, the conversation it would have if someone were there to listen. An interpretive soundscape of the Quequechan River, a body of water whose history is familiar to those who live and work in Fall River, Mass. For more than a century it was the lifeblood of textile manufacturing. Its course runs through the city, shallow and sluggish along its southern end, and fast and furious as it heads down toward the bay. In service to industry, the river was modified so much that its original path is unknown. More recently it was buried under the city to accommodate the expansion of Route 195. Edwards came to Fall River several times to study the river, to understand its relationship to the city, and to find the remaining places where it can still be seen, and heard. Her sound installation is evocative of many things, the memories that the water still carries, the conversation it would have if someone were there to listen. Hamlin's installation, this bright morning, is a reimagining of an Allée. Constructed with sewn and hand dyed organza over delicately constructed armatures, Hamlin has transformed the notion into a musing about life and death, about impermanence, about that which remains after everything else is gone.



For The Time Being on Scordatura:
Composer Talk

May 31, 2013

On 91.7 KTRU's Contemporary, Avante Garde, Electroacoustic, Acousmatic, radio show, hosts Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker play and discuss a variety of 20th and 21st century works.  It’s a casual, informal, yet serious evening of music and talk. The May 31 program featured Hasu Patel’s Sitar Concerto, and music for mixed media installations, including works by New York-based composer Mary Edwards (For the Time Being and "In the Warm Space"), Nico Muhly and David Sylvian (Approaching Silence).  
Composer Talk streams live on the web at 5 to 7 PM CT. Tune in and find out why talking about music is like dancing about architecture.


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